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I tested Prophet-V with a 1. It's annoying that rampant pirating has pushed companies to employ such strong-arm methods I own two 4-port USB expanders that are nearly filled with dongles , yet I also understand the need to protect a hefty time and monetary investment.

Arturia Prophet V - Virtual Synthesizer (Download)

The dongle is designed to work with future Arturia products, as well as Prophet-V. Installation and configuration, including a downloaded upgrade and the online dongle authorization, were all trouble-free processes. I also installed Prophet-V on a 2. Once installed and launched, getting Prophet-V to respond to the audio interface and two keyboard controllers was easy, though only a single MIDI controller can be used at a time.

Prophet-V doesn't include a PDF or other online manual, but the paperback manual is a short and easy read with an entertaining history of Sequential Circuits and some good tutorials on creating basic patches with both synths. Arturia clearly put a substantial amount of emphasis and development time into the look of Prophet-V; from the gorgeous wood-simulated panels to the meticulous reflections and shadows on the keys, the graphics are sharp enough to serve as a benchmark for other virtual-synth makers.

Those controls, while handy, aren't labeled save for mouse-over tool tips.

The octave selector pitches Prophet-V up or down three octaves, but it doesn't allow for semitones. Prophet-V features presets out of the box, ranging from ho-hum to spectacular. Like Arturia's other synths, they reside in an intuitive hierarchical structure consisting of Bank, Sub-Bank and Preset folders. Custom directories can be created to store new preset creations and downloads. Arturia re-creates all the original factory presets from both the Prophet-5 and -VS. A smattering of talented programmers devised plenty of presets for all three synth modes.

It's impossible to accidentally overwrite the factory presets a good thing , yet you can alter them to your liking and save them separately. One drawback I found with the presets was the inability to load discreet patches for each instrument individually while in Hybrid mode; if you want to carry a factory preset into the Hybrid synth, you have to re-create it manually, parameter-by-parameter.

Many of the Prophet-5 patches sound distinctively late '70s, early '80s, and the Sequential tones are well emulated. Aside from the original factory preset emulations which are arranged by number but also have names, unlike their original hardware counterparts , the Prophet-5 presets are ergonomically organized in folders by type: Bass, EFX, Pad, Percussive, etc. In all, the Prophet-5 presets represent a well-rounded variety of functional to bizarre tones; browsing through them left me craving more. Programming the Prophet-5 is a cinch for anyone familiar with analog synthesizers.

Arturia's version has all of the parameters and controls of the hardware original, except for a few unnecessary ones such as Save to Tape. The Prophet-5 is essentially a 2-oscillator-plus-white-noise synth with individual mix controls for the three sound sources, a 24dB-per-octave lowpass filter, a VCA amplifier, a 3-waveform syncable LFO and two ADSR envelopes — one on the filter and one on the amplifier.

Arturia Prophet V 3 v3.0.1

The Prophet-VS sound is clearly different from the Prophet-5; its vector synthesis sports a completely different architecture that begins with four fine-tunable 48 semitones oscillators, each driven by 96 selectable waveform samples. Three 5-point adjustable envelopes and two LFOs with five waveforms are onboard, along with the rest of the sound-sculpting parameters found on the original hardware. The modulation matrix, which was largely responsible for the original VS's cult status, has been lovingly reproduced.

A third 5-point envelope is uniquely situated in conjunction with another gem of this synth, the joystick. With it, you can create mix automation over the four oscillators.

The joystick itself is a treat. It moves in a circular, 2-D manner, allowing smooth sweeps through the mix of the four oscillators, and its x-y axes are individually MIDI-assignable. In Hybrid mode, Prophet-V sounds huge. The factory presets range from percussion noises such as kicks and resonant bells to Hammond-esque organs and complex pads.

To my surprise, the presets are not muddy at all, despite their dense sources. There's not much technicality to describe; the two synths are stacked on top of each other, as if a real Prophet-5 and VS were connected via MIDI cables and played together. The one surprise feature, however, is the addition of three Prophet-5 modulation sources and nine synth-parameter destinations to the matrix; that truly fuses the two instruments together at the core.

Despite some very good presets, Prophet-VS just begs to be programmed.

Arturia V Collection 5 Free Download [MAC-OSX] | Go AudiO

Diving into this beast unleashes an endless array of sonic possibilities. It certainly has a lot to live up to. It demands a respectable 1. This is particularly true when operating in hybrid mode, which combines the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS instruments together.

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We were unable to play even a note or two of certain hybrid patches while using the instrument as a plug-in in Cubase SX 3 , which is not good. In fact, you can't even try the demo without installing the dongle. If you don't have one, Arturia will gladly sell you one and reimburse you upon the demo's expiration, but our suspicion is that few non-Syncrosoft users will bother. We also have to say that the dongle crashed the Prophet on our Mac on more than one occasion. When you first open the Prophet V, you're greeted by a photorealistic representation of the original Prophet 5 hardware there's even a heat sink protruding from the top of the GUI.

The look isn't all that have Arturia nailed: the sound is very convincing, although we'd be hard-pressed to say which Rev we were hearing. The two banks of presets that are copied from Sequential's own factory patches have all of the character that made the real thing a best seller. All the old favourites are here - beefy basses, swept sync leads and goofy effects - and they come courtesy of the now-familiar Prophet signal path.

There's a pair of syncable oscillators, a 24dB resonant filter, a couple of envelopes and an LFO. Most importantly, the Prophet V offers the notorious 'cross mod' functions of the original these account for its popularity as a provider of unusual special FX. The VS model features all of the original's wavetables and its vector joystick, which can be used to blend the four selectable waveforms.

However, Arturia have upped the ante a bit by providing a selectable multimode filter.


Again, all of the authentic factory patches are here, so you get oh-sos choirs, ringing bells and sweeping vector pads. If we were judging the two emulations individually, we'd say that we actually prefer the VS. Let's face it: analogue polysynths are a dime a dozen, and many of them boast the features that originated on the P5. However, the crystalline, digital timbres offered by the VS represent a nice change - just as they did when the real synth was released during Sequential's death throes.

Descriptions for Arturia Prophet V v3.3.0.1391

Ultimately, though, the real power of the Prophet V lies in its ability to mix and match the two vintage models. For example, you can sync the VS oscillators to the Prophet 5's, and the modulation matrix combines sources and destinations for both instruments. When you throw the built-in chorus and delay effects into the mix, you get an instrument that's far greater than its combined constituent components. As powerful as the Prophet V is, it's not without problems. There are a lot of volume discrepancies between patches and we heard a few clicks at the beginning of some sounds.