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As soon as I open the Network System Preferences pane or otherwise do something to change the system configuration preferences, I have to run through that rigmarole again before changing my MAC address will work as expected. I wish someone would just lay out the terminal commands.

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Give me the commandments, not the rabbinic-level commentary! This is what I enter in the Terminal: sudo airport -z sudo scselect -n sudo ifconfig en1 lladdr ifconfig grep ether.

Although I suppose you could try this:. I added an osascript command for you so you could quit System Preferences, as I described in the post above, from the command line. The osascript is unnecessary since System Preferences is not running. Maybe something is clashing with it.. Just install it, and you get a new item in the System Preferences where you very easily can change the MAC address.


See the screenshots. I am able to change my MAC address using the instructions but I get the connection timeout message when i try to join.

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I am using Look people. It only changes it in the equivalent OS X registry for stupid commands like ifconfig. If an application does the system calls to get the active interface cards and reads the card, the original MAC address is returned. And if an application only reads the registry, the spoofed MAC address is returned, correct? Obviously, this would be successful depending on the context.

Unable to Change Mac Address

Your comment does not indicate that you do. A channel might conflict with other transmitters. Security : The kind of encryption used. Closer to 0 is better. Transmit Rate : The actual speed at which data is being transmitted between your access point and your computer. This is already useful. It opens with an introduction screen which we will ignore for now. A window will open with more info about your AirPort network.

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In the menu bar of that window are 5 options. This is the window that will really help you optimize things.

Unveil hidden Mac OS X features

Move your computer around the house to see the different parameters change. At home I experimented with an old metal tray placed behind my AirPort directing the signal inwards instead of outwards towards the neighbors. There might be other computers, old Wi-Fi networks or microwaves interfering with your network. Try different things and keep a close eye on your network performance, and let us know how much you improved your signal. If you are still running Mac OS X Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. Prefer to get the news as it happens?