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  2. Mac completely freezes after start up (spinning wheel)
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Following are a few reasons you might be seeing the Mac spinning rainbow:. When was the last time you went through your file structure and deleted old or unnecessary files? When did you last empty your trash can?

Have you checked for duplicate files and removed any? We treat our computers as digital closets. Just as our physical closets, though, we need to cull through the material regularly to keep organized. When your computer is attempting to complete a task in a cluttered environment, it has to do the same thing. If you are the proud owner of a sleek Macbook Air, congrats!

Those devices are gorgeous—and convenient to take anywhere.

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However, these beautiful and lightweight machines come at a price: they have less RAM. While you are working with Photoshop, for example, you need sufficient computer RAM to run the program. For the sake of keeping things simple, think of RAM as short-term, active memory. Many Mac lovers grab the Macbook Air without recognizing they need a more powerful machine to complete their work. Photographers, videographers, architects, and engineers often run huge, power-hungry programs on their computers and need machines with more power.

Even if you have a perfectly organized file system, you may have too many files weighing down your Mac. Macs with too much stuff on them take longer to find individual items, thus resulting in the Mac spinning rainbow wheel. To check your storage space go to the apple in your menu bar and choose About This Mac. Then select Storage. If you have a low amount of storage left or no storage left!

RE: How to Fix MacBook Stuck on Loading Screen

You can first try a cleaning program to catch anything you may miss. Or, you can start moving files off of your device. Whichever program you know or suspect to be malfunctioning often the one you were most recently working in needs to be closed. To force quit a program you can either,. Let go when you see the Apple logo. In safe mode your Mac will look for system issues.

Mac completely freezes after start up (spinning wheel)

Shut down your computer and restart as normal. If Mac goes haywire in safe mode then get your computer to Apple Support stat.

The Fix List

Go through the built-in program — it knows the system best and can help you sweep up any issues causing your machine to overwork and overheat. You may need a fresh start and to make sure things are installed properly before going to Apple Support. Plus, you can download a free trial before committing to it. You can give it a good kick in the butt by lightening its load.

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As a photographer, I have thousands of RAW files and high resolution final images. You could try the Time Machine restore.

Another thing to try is to reset you password that occasionally fixes a problem like this. Question: Q: Spinning wheel at startup. Even in safe mode. More Less.

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Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: chphotography chphotography. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: Spinning wheel at startup. Yesterday morning well working my computer froze up. I tried quite a few things nothing worked so I shut it off. After powering back on and entering passcode i got spinning ball.

An hour later still a spinning ball no matter what I cannot get past the login area.

Mac Stuck on Login Screen after Update to Catalina, 6 Fixes

I tried rebooting holding the shift key for safe mode. Same thing. I do have tome machine incase thats my only option. My computer did an update on Monday.