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As long as you don't mind using web-based applications, you'll be off and working in no time at all.

Are Macs Better than PCs?

Your best option is a MacBook. These premium laptops are silky smooth to use and offer great performance for all sorts of tasks. Looks like your best fit is a new Windows laptop. With such a wide variety to choose from, there's something for all tastes in the world of Microsoft-powered laptops. Whichever you choose, you'll find excellent models available - they've all been summarised in our list of the best laptops.

Discover the best in our guide to the top five Chromebooks. Read our guide on which MacBook to buy to help make your choice. Read our guide to the best Windows 10 laptops for more. Buy a Windows 10 laptop if…. Buy a MacBook if…. Buy a Chromebook if…. Windows security and Microsoft's Defender anti-virus program have made great strides and made Windows a safe platform.

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Macs have had security problems of their own, like the admin login vulnerability discovered in November And because of the growing popularity of the Mac platform — especially among high-value targets like computer programmers — malware-makers are increasingly homing in on Macs as targets. Irrespective of whether you're on a Mac or PC, it is not advisable to open files from unknown sources or any files downloaded via email or on the Internet that seem suspicious.

If you're on Windows, it is further recommended to not use anti-virus programs other than Microsoft's Defender because they introduce security vulnerabilities of their own. Mac computers are most widely used in the creative professional market, including in journalism and desktop publishing, video editing and audio editing, but have also made inroads into the educative and scientific research sectors.

Macs are also popular with computer programmers — a majority of web and app developers tend to use Macs. PCs are also used with some of the video and audio editing and research purposes but are found largely as the Home or Office Computer. PCs are also widely used in gaming due to a wider variety of games available for the Windows platform. Apple's share of the U.

Mac vs PC - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

Source: Associated Press. In Q1 , worldwide PC shipments were around 70 million up from 61 million in Q1 whereas worldwide Mac shipments were around 2. Historical charts for PC vs. The market share of Mac for the July-Sept quarter was estimated at 3. Most popular applications for Mac and PC use the same file formats, making it simple to exchange documents with friends and coworkers or move existing files from a PC to a Mac. There is a variety of software available for PCs, which are better than a Mac machine for use as gaming machines since most high-end games are created for the general PC.

MacBook Vs. PC – Why I Chose PC (And Why I Later Chose a Mac)

Traditionally PCs have had the upper hand when it comes to gaming because more publishers developed games for the PC platform. Dollar for dollar, PCs have also provided more powerful processors and speed is an important criterion when it comes to gaming. Other productivity software like OpenOffice and StarOffice is also available for all platforms. Apple's iWork office suite, which includes Pages word processor , Numbers spreadsheets and Keynote presentation maker are only available on the Mac and iOS platforms. Macs were hugely popular when the Macintosh was introduced in the mids.

They pioneered the GUI and the mouse. With Windows 3. In the s, Windows grew by leaps and bounds and Apple went downhill.

Lightroom Mac vs PC Speed Test | $4k iMac vs $4k Custom PC Performance Test

Apple's Macs have always had a small but passionate fan base. These have been parodied online, often with a 3rd character a woman for Linux. In September , Microsoft responded to the Apple campaign with a campaign of their own to break the PC stereotype. In other words, a MAC can run Windows on it. Apple does not allow the use of its operating system on non-Apple hardware.

Current prices of various models and accessories are available on Apple. PCs usually cost significantly less than Macs with comparable hardware. This is mostly because PCs are manufactured by a large number of hardware manufacturers, resulting in increased competition and lower prices. A wide selection of PCs with varying costs is available on Amazon.

1. Cost Effective

Share this comparison:. If you read this far, you should follow us:. Like the first Macintosh OS, the user simply had to use a mouse to point and click through a series of windows to control applications and devices.

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  6. Microsoft continued refining Windows, and in , introduced Windows 95, which had built-in Internet support, dial-up networking and multimedia features that made it the world's most popular computer operating system. In , Windows continues to dominate the personal computer market. The most obvious difference between Macs and PCs are all computers that run on the Mac OS are manufactured by Apple, which is not the case with Windows. Apple has often used this fact as a competitive differentiator, arguing that while there are only a small number of Macs available, they all meet Apple's manufacturing standards, while Windows computers have a range of manufacturers and standards.

    While more than 90 percent of personal computers were Windows-based PCs in , Macs dominated the premium computer market. The majority of viruses, Trojans and other malicious software are targeted at Windows PCs, which meant Mac users not running an antivirus program were less susceptible to attacks. However, Mac users were still vulnerable to other viruses that targeted online activities.