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I got numerous error messages such as: Now I am unable to run The Sims 3. I receive no error messages. When I open The Sims 3 nothing happens. This is very frustrating On my use of Origin. When I attempt to open either The Sims 3 or The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack it opens a popup with my product keys and says it will use an external application to run the program. I read: January I don't work or have any association with EA.

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Questions belong in the forums. I don't answer questions via PM. Firstly, the error message regarding an expansion being more recent that the base game isn't usually a problem. It often says that, usually because your base game is patched up to date which is a good thing. It sounds as though your Origin download or installation of Late Night is messed up.

I would recommend starting from scratch. Uninstall the game and Origin and start again.

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I will paste detailed instructions below. When you uninstall TS3 games on your Mac using the uninstaller, the game leaves behind stray files and isn't completely removed from your computer. These files may conflict with future installations. It is best to completely remove them. BluebellFlora's website provides a guide on how to do this: If you cannot update via the Launcher, download and apply the latest cumulative manual patch called the superpatch for Mac.

Check that your game works properly. Then install any EPs and SPs that you own, in order of release date.

The first thing to check is that your Mac is sufficiently up-to-date to be able to run the Origin client. It requires at least OS X To download and install games through Origin: First install the Origin client for Mac and make sure it is up-to-date.

Download The Sims 3 for Mac - Best Software & Apps

The latest version can be downloaded from here: When downloading from Origin, do NOT use the first install icon. Move your cursor over the game cover and click on the information letter i and then click on the install button from there. For some reason, downloads from Origin frequently become corrupted. Using the i reduces the chance of your download being corrupted. If you have already been unfortunate and have a corrupted download, then it is important to remove all traces of this before trying again, by doing a thorough, clean uninstallation first.

[MAC] Unable to install Sims 3 Late Night Expansion pack - Answer HQ

Are you running anti-virus software or any clean-up applications? If so, disable these, as they might be deleting files that Origin needs! It also helps to have a fast, stable internet connection. Storing Origin download installer files: This will avoid you needing to re-download the games again. In Origin, go to Preferences. Choose a location in which you would like the files to be saved for example, create a folder in Documents ready to receive these files.

November My Late Night expansion was working great until I got an update patch. If it can't be fixed, how do I unpatch it? I reinstalled because I was having problems with the game freezing.

The Sims 3: Late Night Game Images:

After I uninstalled and reinstalled, I updated with the patches. This is why I hate forums. People don't really know what they're talking about. Please give clear, concise instructions if you know the answer. November - last edited November If you do not wish to receive information via a forum then you could try contacting EA customer services directly. However the majority of customer service advisors use PCs rather than Macs, so Mac simmers often have better luck on the forums. I can try to help you if you wish.

The message about the expansion "being more recent" is very common when installing expansions for this game and it is not Mac-specific.

The Sims 3 Late Night - FREE Full Download - PC-MAC - Install

If you think about it - if you were to freshly install the base game now, in , a base game which was released several years ago, then patch to the most recent patch 1. Say you then install World Adventures, which is also many years old now.

Standard Edition

The code for WA is older than the latest patch by many years, so you get a message about incompatibility. However in the majority of cases you can go ahead and install the game without any problems. I and many others have done this numerous times. You can see more about this here: So the answer to your question about what specifically to do to "fix" this is - ignore, click through and go ahead with your installation.

You can rule out some of these problems by doing a clean uninstallation, then patch, then start adding expansions. I have pasted a guide on this below.

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  5. I note that you initially uninstalled the game because of freezing. There are various reasons that the game might freeze on a Mac so I've added some further information about that. My game used to freeze a lot as well, but since purging the RAM regularly I can now play for many hours with no issues at all. Finally, the website for The Sims provides the latest patches. Unless you are able to find an earlier patch version from a reputable source, it will be difficult to apply a lower patch. Unless of course you have a backup of your system from before you started having problems with the game.

    Clean uninstall and reinstall When you uninstall TS3 games on your Mac using the uninstaller, the game leaves behind stray files and isn't completely removed from your computer. Be sure to choose the right file - there are various 'regional' files for disc-users and one designated region 7 for Origin-users. Further information on the cumulative manual superpatch Many simmers find that patching their game via the Game Updates tab of the Launcher does not work properly. It is then better to download and apply the manual superpatch. It is important to download the Mac version rather than the PC version, and to pick the right one for your region. Be aware that if you are using a disc you need to choose the correct 'regional' file but if you are using digital download through Origin then you should use the file designated 'region 7'.

    It's time to indulge your Sims' inner party-loving rock star. The Sims 3: This expansion also includes a new set of career options. Your Sims can serve up drinks as a mixologist, shred on the guitar in a rock band, or become a local celebrity who demands V. Your late night lifestyle will affect your home life and the items you can add to your house. Apartments and elevators have been added, giving you and your Sim family new housing options. Trying to seal the deal with that hot Sim standing at the bar?

    Flex those muscles, baby. Download The Sims 3: For XP 2. Hard Drive: Supported Video Cards: Nvidia GeForce series: Please note that the GeForce and cards are not supported. Mac System Requirements OS: Mac OS X Intel Core Duo Processor Memory: Add to wishlist. You can check out in your preferred language, but please note all correspondence we send you will be in the Origin store's default language for your region.

    You are providing your personal data to Electronic Arts Inc. Your data will be processed in territories which may not provide the same level of protection for data as your country of residence.